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The Comic Book Series

The Team

Written by Mike Uhlir, with art by Lucas Assis, colors by Guilherme Sabino,

Edited by Tiffany Crook


The Story

Central Alabama, 1962

    Tucked away in the foothills of the Appalachians lies the sleepy hamlet of StarFell, a town where nothing of interest ever seems to happen. Its inhabitants appear content, moving about their uneventful day-to-day lives. Looming ominously over the town is the reformed hillside of an ancient meteor impact crater. This meteor, embedded deep within the granite beneath StarFell, pulses with a cosmic life force. For centuries, it has slowly extended its influence, mutating the nature and local wildlife that come within its energy's reach.


    Now, this once peaceful town is overrun with horrifying monsters, haunting specters, and bloodthirsty mutants. Orchestrating this chaos is an eccentric and wealthy family of recluses, the Voltaires, who harbor dark secrets and an even darker agenda. As StarFell plunges into chaos, its only hope is a ragtag group of children. Armed with their quick wits, ingenuity, and a small arsenal of homemade weapons powered by the meteor, these young heroes must confront their darkest nightmares to save not only their town but potentially the world.

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